Açaí Bowls Utensils You Will Need For This Recipe: Blender (preferably Ninja) Bowl Spoon Knifea Ingredients For Bowl: ☑︎ 1½ cups of frozen mixed fruit berries ☑︎ ½ banana ☑︎ 1 small scoop vanilla protein powder ☑︎ ⅓ cup of vanilla almond milk (or regular, but vanilla gives more flavor) ☑︎ 1 frozen açaì berryContinue reading

Grilled Chicken

Prep Time: 3-5 minutes Cook Time: 10-20 Minutes Total Time: 20-30 minutes Hello everyone! This extra recipe is just a simple, easy and delicious grilled chicken inspired by my Dad. Whenever my dad barbecues/grills its always something to look forward to. He can practically grill anything almost perfectly every time. He can grill salmon, chicken,Continue reading “Grilled Chicken”